Visitorís Experiences



We came to Rose of Sharon to celebrate the remembrance of my Momís birthday. We loved how everyone was taken care of. All the people here were so loving and kind. We loved the time we spent here. It was really like one big family. The staff were very active and kind hearted with all the grandpa and grannys. The place has been kept clean and well maintained. We will surely come back here and spend time with all of them. Thanks so much Rose of Sharon Old age home for all the good work! God bless everyone .

Nancy Laughlin


Sister Celestine came to the ROS Ashram to celebrate her birthday on 15th Nov 2016.They had a wonderful time at the Ashram.


Baba Jude celebrated his birthday on 9th Nov 16 at ROS ashram. It was a time great joy to celebrate little Babaís birthday with all the Ajjaís and Ajjis at the Ashram.

I came to know about the Rose of Sharon Home through Google and decided to celebrate my fatherís 2nd death anniversary with them.
The Rose of Sharon home is a good place for old people and it is very well managed and maintained by the trust. The Home has a mixed culture of people i.e from different parts of the country & religion which itself indicates that service is their only motto. The Home has a very fixed agenda everyday starting with prayers and fixed timing for food which is very good and most important for the old aged people.
Moreover the people who are currently residing in the home are also very friendly. Irrespective, whether they know you or not, they smile at you, bless you and say thanks for what you have done to them. Literally no words to explain this, but one thing what I can say is that tears will come atomically and you will become very emotional.
We should thank the patience and courage of the Trustees who manage the aged people every day.
Itís really a good place and they maintain it very neat and clean. People managing it are very patience enough and friendly.
A best place to pay tribute to your parents / Old Age people in your home.

I’m Darshita Shah and I work for a BPO in Mumbai.
I had a great desire to celebrate my birthday differently this year by visiting Home for the Aged and also wanted all of my close friends to join me in this special moment of my life. One of my friend, Kiran’s birthday also falls in the month of July, he was also keen on celebrating it at the Home after I shared my plans with my friends. So, in conclusion, we planned to celebrate our birthdays together at Rose of Sharon – Home for the Aged.
I came to know about the Rose of Sharon - Home for the Aged (Mira Road) through one of my friend at work-place who is acquainted with the staff there. We spoke over a phone-call with Moses, the manager at the Home and fixed an appointment to visit the Home. Later, we decided to come over for a nice get-together on Sunday, 10th July 2011. Each one of us was looking forward to be there. Finally, the day arrived – All of us got together to reach the Home. The moment we entered the Home; we were greeted by the staff there very politely with warmth in their smiles. I must say that the staff is very kind and very loving towards all the grandpas and grandmas staying there. They are people who want to live for this kind of service towards mankind. They are a bunch of wonderful people. Also, they have immense faith in God and shared some nice stories about God’s work in their lives. To listen to some of their personal experiences in their lives; which inspired them to serve the needy; was interesting and touching. The place is very clean and hygiene is well-maintained. Most of the grandpas and grandmas are bed-ridden and needed utmost care; yet, they were happily interacting with all of us. They were smiling and it was a great pleasure to serve lunch to all of them. The most wonderful feeling was to see all of my friends being touched and looking forward to visit the place again and do similar activities in order to serve human kind in some way or the other. Finally, Kiran and I cut the birthday cake and chatted with the old folks. We listened to their stories and laughed with them.
We had a good time at Rose of Sharon – Home for the Aged. It’s an amazing place to visit and celebrate your birthday; the smile on their faces is the best birthday gift you’ll ever receive. My special thanks to the Managing Trustee, Pastor Saroja and the staff for making this beautiful visit possible and blessed.
Darshita Shah

Hi my name is Sylvia D'souza and I work for a BPO in Mumbai. I am married to Rajesh D'souza and I have a little 2 year old son Nathan D'souza. When my son was born, my husband and me decided that each birthday of his has to be celebrated by making a difference to someone else's life. His first birthday was celebrated at a children's home in Vasai, where the joy, excitment, enjoyment and contentment was much more than what I had seen in the get-togethers we had. When my son's second birthday was approaching I kept checking where we need to go next to spread some joy. Mercy my Quality leader at 3 Global services brought me in contact with Rose of Sharon – Home for the Aged. As they were all grandpa's and grandma's my husband and me wanted to do something different this time. My husband makes lovely snacks, so we made snacks at home understanding what they could eat and what was not good for them, here Moses, the manager of the home, guided us by telling us what could be best choice for these grandparents. When we went to Rose of Sharon we were welcomed with a smile, some grandparents were sleeping, few were totally bedridden, but who were awake did not fail to wish us or bless my son. Each one of them had such a warm smile and open hearts, they were ready to welcome anyone who gave them a hand even when for some of them, their own had left hands. One thing I take back from these grandparents "Be happy in the small things you receive". My family had no words to express when we left from there, we each felt sorrow why these grandparents were left out, but we were also happy at the same time, that they had wonderful people to take care of them. God will surely bless everyone who is helping all these grandparents with a happy ending. One word I would like to say to all (The Managing trustee, Moses, the staff, all the grandparents and to Mercy) THANK YOU for this wonderful experience.
Sylvia D'souza

My name is Doreen Zachous and was suffering from diabetes since 1989. I was taking insulin upto 28 units. I was in search of an Old Age Home (OAH) as I did not want to stay at home alone. I visited many Old Age Homes but I did not find any suitable to my liking. Finally, I found a perfect Home that is the Rose of Sharon OAH. Its more than 3 years that I am residing in the Rose of Sharon OAH and I do not miss my own home at all. Since I was diabetic, Pastor Saroja prayed for me and now my diabetes has come down to normal and also I have stopped taking the insulin. I give all the glory, honour and praise to Jesus Christ for giving me an opportunity of becoming a resident of the Rose of Sharon OAH and also healing me from diabetes. I also would like to thank Pastor Saroja for showing her love towards me by praying sincerely for me.
Doreen Zachous