Founded by

The Rose of Sharon is a registered public charitable trust, founded by Pastor Saroja M. Please visit the 'Founder' link to know what made her establish such an organisation.

All over India
The Rose of Sharon is registered and it is a Juridic person entitled to acquire properties and carry out its functions all over India.

Aims and Objectives
The main aims and objectives of the Trust is to undertake and carry out charitable, educational and socio economic programs for the welfare and betterment of people irrespective of caste, community and creed. The Trust has the authority to establish, conduct, manage, promote and maintain home for the aged, destitute, orphans or other weaker sections of the society.

Current functions
At present, under the directive of the founder, the Trust has ventured into establishing Old Age Home in Mira Road, Thane Dist, Maharashtra.

How we work
Every centre has its personal office, where a permanent 24 / 7 manager overlooks the affairs of the Home. There are permanent cooks who prepare hygienic and healthy food. They also maintain the diet of the residents as per the doctor's instruction. There are in-house nurses to attend to the needs of the aged folk. There are weekly and monthly visits from a local doctor to keep their health in check.

The Rose of Sharon Trust has tried to maintain similar infrastructure for every centre. There is a huge hall with beds where the residents can rest. There are no special partitions between the beds, so that every resident can interact and socialise with the others. There are spacious dressing rooms with washbasins and baths. Some centers have private rooms that are reserved for residents who prefer privacy. The private rooms have attached bath. A couple of storerooms help to stuff in the necessary goods for the residents. All of them are provided regularly with laundered bed sheets, towels and other necessities as and when required. The Trust thrives to maintain the cleanest, the best and the most satisfying abode for old people.

Never bored or lonely
The staff support every resident by keeping them busy with light activities that will keep their mind occupied and well balanced. They are never allowed to feel lonely. Recreational facilities like television, newspapers, radio, etc. are available to the residents.

Open for the poor as well as rich

Admission to the home is through two categories. Paid or Unpaid, depending upon the status of the individual. For more details please visit the 'Admissions' link.

No better place
Overall, there is no better place where an aged person would like to live, because the organization wishes to share the message of love and hope. It is Pastor Saroja's desire that every individual who enters the Home, whether aged or orphan, may learn the good values of life and gain true meaning and purpose for living further.